Can/has anyone looked at implementing a feature in the bios to disable the chassis intrusion alarm? Apparently it's a common problem on asus motherboards that the jumper disabling this can come off or the circuit just go bad and then the motherboard will not boot or let you access the bios until you clear the CMOS, but the next reboot will return the error "chassis intruded - fatal error - system halted. Unlike virtually every other motherboard manufacturer, asus has decided not to add a disable/acknowledge feature to the bios and the only solution is to either solder a wire around the chip on the motherboard or RMA the board.

Unfortunately for me my motherboard is out of warranty, and I don't trust the one guy on the Internet that says the solder method will work.
So is there another option? I've heard SOME asus motherboard bios' have the ability to disable this feature, is it a simple matter of getting the bios code from one of those and copying it into the bios code for this motherboard?

I've got a Maximus 2 formula.

Thanks in advance,