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Thread: sata 3 pcie XP install ?

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    sata 3 pcie XP install ?

    hi : )

    I have 2 partitions of XP on my main wd hdd. (both are set up and work very well)
    I have just ordered a vertex 3 SSD and am looking to clone the two xp partitions to it.

    I will be using a PCie sata card ( ASRock sata3 card) on my old gigabyte x38, i have this card working fine at the moment to test it with an additional Western digital sata3 HD, it works great.

    So i wonder, if i wish to use the SSD with the pcie card at boot up, will I need to do a clean XP reinstall? Because I remember there is an option to hit f6 to install additional sata drivers during xp setup, the asrock has sata drivers on its download page ( I do not need raid or ahci i just need IDE as there are reports that the vertex 3 works better in IDE mode with XP.

    would i need to hit f6 and use "Marvell SATA3.0 Floppy Image ver:" at the xp install or could i just clone the OS's (which are already set as IDE) over to a newly partitioned SSD using norton ghost on XP? maybe I could just install the drivers into xp before i clone :?

    Thanks for your help. : )
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