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Thread: Random reboots

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    Random reboots

    I'm having issues with my i3-530 H57 machine, which has been perfectly stable for a year, suddenly starting to randomly reboot. These aren't software/OS issues or BSODs, but instant power-offs and then auto-restarts 30 seconds or so later. Temps and cooling are fine, there have been no hardware changes except a discreet GPU added, but removing it hasn't solved the problem. PSU is a Corsair HX750, board is a GigaByte H57M-USB3. I suspect one or the other but I'm not sure which is more likely. Obviously I'm not particularly keen on attempting a mainboard change with Ivy Bridge around the corner unless it's absolutely necessary...

    If anyone recognises this behaviour and can point me more certainly to the problem, I'd be very grateful.
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    The right direction is isolate your problem.

    You can only do this if you can get Windows Working heres how

    1.Right hand Mouse Click "My computer"
    2.Select Advanced
    3.Startup and Recovery
    4.Uncheck the "Automatic Restart"

    If you can't start windows normally try Pressing pause when it blue screens, i must be honest not tried that one



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