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Thread: problems uploading photos

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    problems uploading photos

    Hi everyone. I recently finished my first PC build which included a water cooling loop. I wanted to post some pictures of it but I keep getting the following error message.
    500[IOErrorEvent type="ioError" bubbles=falsecancelable=false eventphase=2text="Error#2038"]

    I have tried resizing the photos, changing them from jpeg to gif to png, nothing seems to work. I tried un-installing flash and re-installing it. Nothing is working. Could anyone help me with this? Anything would be appreciated.

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    Same problem here. Has anyone a solution ?

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    in case anyone is still looking for a work around:

    Quote Originally Posted by FUGGER View Post
    Image posting is disabled.

    you will need to host the images elsewhere (imageshack/photobucket/etc) before posting them.

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