this will be the first time i ever make a mod to a computer.. i just purchased a Dell XPS 710 case, MO-BO & 750W power supply off craigs list for 30 bucks (talk about a DEAL).
anyways lets get to the point.
its a BTX form factor and i want to switch it to ATX so i can put a core i5 in it. there are people that have done it by cutting and such but im a noob at anything construction wise.
here is the thread i was checking out.
anyways those are the things im going to have to do but where can i get or rent the tools needed for cutting? (preferably for cheap). how hard is it to cut 4mm thick aluminum?
i also want to paint this bad boy. i was thinking about going to an auto mobile body shop and have them paint it a nice color after i sand it down but is there a cheaper way with the same "high end" looking sex appeal?
also i plan on buying the cut out windowed side panel for this off of ebay but it does not come with the glass, was wondering if i was right to think its acrylic people use for those, where can i get a sheet of that in the color i want?
heres a picture of what it looks like with the windowed side --->

all in all im kinda just plain noob and ignorant about modding but i really want to get into it, i see so many people make beautiful works of art from butchering their computers. (i want in on that).

im 21 so buying or renting tools or anything for that matter wont be a problem.
i was also thinking maybe carbon fiber-ing the entire case using this --- >

anyways any answers would be greatly appreciated, any other heads up or tips / tricks would also be awesome.