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Thread: 8800GTX memory. Need opinions

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    8800GTX memory. Need opinions

    In short...WTF?! I've been through in the region of 20 8800GTX cards (including 7 in the last 3 weeks) and the behaviour is VERY consistent.... 1053-1080MHz memory without voltmods and some scaling to around 1215MHz with volts and some OC to the core. I've had one that did 1242MHz but it had a crappy core.

    How are guys getting 1260MHz memory to 1323MHz GDDR?????? I know Samsung BJ1A can do that, but my opinion of the G80 silicon... especially the A2 says it ain't gonna happen. There are SO FEW cards going above 1188-1215MHz on ANY G80 card (excluding the Ultras, but they have 0.8ns RAM)

    Are there a very few golden memory controllers out there or is it down to memory PWM mods?
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    additional capacitors probably

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