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Thread: Where can I post WTB BitsPower fittings?

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    Where can I post WTB BitsPower fittings?

    I am looking for some Black BitsPower 3/8 X 5/8 compression fittings and some angled G1/4 fittings and do not know where to post to find them on this site?

    Can someone clue me in, is there a Wnated To Buy or a For Sale forum on this site??
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    188 there you go ..(i just noticed you dont have enough posts to go in the classified .. i think you need 100 posts )
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    Are you looking for a store to buy them from?
    All stock for now, no need for more, but it's gonna be soon methinks.
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    Please respond to Conundrum's post - it's ok to ask about stores here, but you are not allowed to solicit selling, buying, or trading transactions other than in The Classified section.

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    11,929 and performance pc's is where u should find 99% of all the bitspower fittings out there.

    IF you dont see them, most likely, you can also ask vincent @ bitspower directly to see if its still in circulation.

    If a bitspower fitting like black isnt in circulation, it could be the result of the dye on the black coming off on the later black bitspower, so vincent could of removed them.
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    Thanks, Naekuh.

    Thread closed.

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