I would like to say thank you to Gigabyte (and OCUK) as they has been a massive help.

Recently we had a massive failing of another brand of Motherboards in our test systems. All the RMA's were refused because of inept staff and the failure to understand that there were "no" serial numbers on the boards (we took lots of photos and lots of emails bounced back and forth) we were running. We had got rid of the box's (which has the serial number on it) as we don't have room to keep storing box's.

Now in my 30 off years of computing i have never RMA'd back a MB and this was my first time to even try. Our test equipment is under constant use testing our fluids and due to us releasing some new products our finance's have all been pushed into these release's. So we couldn't afford to replace the systems and carry on testing.

Gigabyte and OCUK has come to the rescue and are providing us with replacement motherboards and never asked for any thing in exchange. How ever in honour of them and because lets be honest they do produce some of the most stable and best Motherboards and have done for many years we have renamed 1 of our product lines (Pastel Gigabyte Orange) as they are colour matched to this there boards. We will all so look into colour matching some more of there lines as well (this is the least we can do).

We really appreciate the gesture from Gigabyte and OCUK and would like to publicly thank Gigabyte and OCUK for helping us out in this situation. Gigabyte and OCUK willingness to help us out has been beyond comprehension.

Thank you

(MD) Michael wood