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Thread: Phoronix: First Look: AMD Trinity APU, Linux Already Runs Well

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    Phoronix: First Look: AMD Trinity APU, Linux Already Runs Well

    There don't appear to be any actual numbers though and i couldn't find them on either, so it's possible they have been removed. The article is also partly a plug for their other ventures.

    One of the AMD Linux engineering systems for Trinity is running nicely even on Ubuntu 11.04 with the Linux 2.6.38 kernel. The CPU string is AMD Eng Sample 2M252057C4450_32/25/16_9900_609 and its graphics are the Trinity Devastator Mobile with 512MB of video memory and an AMD Pumori motherboard. The PCI ID on the Trinity Devastator appears to be 0x9900. This Trinity APU is quad-core and running at 2.50GHz. The current quad-core Llano offerings are clocked at 2.6GHz (A6-3650) and 2.9GHz (A8-3850), while this Trinity part is clocked slower, it's numbers are nice compared to my A8-3850 Linux system.
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    Interesting if quad Trinity is doing "nice" vs quad Llano despite lower clocks, because according to recent leaks 4Ghz+ quad Bulldozer is well behind Deneb.

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    The article author said he removed the juicy tidbits.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AKM View Post
    Interesting if quad Trinity is doing "nice" vs quad Llano despite lower clocks, because according to recent leaks 4Ghz+ quad Bulldozer is well behind Deneb.
    My thoughts exactly.

    What does this mean? BD launching next week is bugged like hell or is it just AMD play to keep real numbers till launch?
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    Let's wait and see how Bulldozer does first. By the look of things,not really good even against X6/X4,stock vs stock of course.

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    it will be still interesting...Zambezi vs Piledriver core to core
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    Trinity uses improved piledriver cores, so it's good to hear they're doing nicely.
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    The question is if turbo +700 Mhz worked and on what speed most of the time.
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