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Thread: Best way to learn Linux...

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    Best way to learn Linux...

    So I got a laptop (newer'ish i3 4gb etc) and decided I wanted to learn Linux. I threw in a 128gb SSD and loaded Ubuntu 11.4 64-bit. Everything installed fine so I assume it's working okay. My first question, am I doing it right? Is this the best way to learn Linux or would you recommend reading up on it first? Also, I tried to do an SSD optimization (link to guide) and I had a lot of trouble figuring out exactly how do do it.

    Any one wanna help a Linux newb with any tips? Did I pick the right distro to learn or is there something easier?

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    if your not too aquainted with Linux I'd advice against starting with the SSD Optimization, its not really the easiest in the world and requires a good deal of working knowledge (even though it IS a good tutorial / guide).

    Best way to learn is in my opinion how you are doing it though, yes.
    "Just" use it and learn it. You'll run into limitations, you'll have questions,...

    Take those and look them up, learn the OS by using it and taking the small steps, and the bigger steps by means of forums, documentation and your personal "wit". This probably isn't the most usefull advice I could give, however I do believe that its the best way for anyone to learn Linux as a desktop os.

    also, try to make friends with someone who knows it through and through already, that saved my but on more then one occasion

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