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Thread: Fighting Condensation and Leaks

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    Fighting Condensation and Leaks

    Since building my chilled water setup it has been a constant battle with water or coolant causing me problems. In my latest attempt to curb both I have built a small box around my water block and filled it with silicon. I am contemplating putting the silicon on the Mb and graphics cards where the coolant or condensation seem to end up in an attempt to stop the problems that fluids can cause.

    What made me think of the silicon was back some 25 years ago when I was working for the Navy in the electronics labs I remembered one piece of equipment that used a potting mix very similar to silicon. It was used mainly for stress relief for the components due to vibration and for security back then but would work equally well to prevent the ingress of moisture causing corrosion.

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    The formation of condensation even when insulating suggests insufficient insulation. For sub-zero temperatures a minimum wall thickness of 3/4" is required for optimum protection. Layers of Armaflex tape will not properly insulate. Not saying that you did that, but I've seen it done.

    Where is this condensation occurring?
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