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Thread: AMD has decided to extend the life of AM3 + platform.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chrono Detector View Post
    I would rather if AMD moved to a new socket without using pins on their CPU's, because I find AMD CPU with pins very fragile and I've broken a couple already due to my carelessness.
    I prefer CPU pins. Bend one by accident? Usually not too bad to straighten, and you're good to go. Bend a CPU socket pin? Good luck with that.

    I've not had a problem bending either of them for a long time, it's called being careful But a few years ago I scored some really sweet deals on a couple s939 CPUs that had bent pins Of course, one I had to repair a broken pin, that wasn't easy...
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    Agree with that completely, straightening pins back is very easy as compared to getting the same thing done on a scoket.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glow9 View Post

    AMD FX series eight-core processors. Approximate Retail Value: $300 USD each.
    What's your point? AMD has always referred to the chips as (4 modules, 8 cores) and not (4 cores, 8 x86 cores)
    Seems we made our greatest error when we named it at the start
    for though we called it "Human Nature" - it was cancer of the heart
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    I can't believe anyone is taking this chart by Bun Honma seriously. Remember what their speculation looked like last time? Just about the only things they got right was the stuff everyone already knew. In case nobody remembers:

    Take this chart for example, about the only correct parts were already public knowledge at the time:


    Believe them if you want, but I'm going to take a single sodium chloride molecule with this rumor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zanzabar View Post
    what do u want from a new chipset, the only upgrade could be pci-e3 but its a little early for that especially with a 32x pci-e chipset. with the bump in the stock NB and HTT clock it should make it alot better.
    IMO, PCI-E 3.0 will be pointless in terms of actual performance (PCI-E 2.0 / 2.1 is nowhere near saturated) but in terms of marketing capital, it will be HUGE. As it stands, support for PCI-E 3.0 can't just be "built into" an existing chipset (they'll need a revised one with more PCI-E lanes for that) which leaves AMD one step behind in the marketing game.....

    or not......

    Why? The AM3+ "platform" may be continuing on but that doesn't rule out the possibility of replacing the 990FX Northbridge chipset. IMO, by staying with a 2-chip motherboard design instead of building a bunch of functionality into the processor (a la Intel) allows AMD to adapt to emerging technologies without fundamentally changing the underlying processor architecture. It makes their platform much more adaptable than Intel's at this point.

    As for native USB 3.0 support, I'm actually perfectly fine with the Renesas controllers some mobos are using. Marvell on the other hand....meh.
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    good point ...

    and as you say, i have use Renesas with gigabyte .. no problem .. but anyway let's be honest, USB3.0 perihperals ( HDD etc ) just start to come in the mass market . I don't know for north america market..
    but yet in EU, we just see few products supporting USB 3.0
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lanek View Post
    good point ...

    and as you say, i have use Renesas with gigabyte .. no problem .. but anyway let's be honest, USB3.0 perihperals ( HDD etc ) just start to come in the mass market . I don't know for north america market..
    but yet in EU, we just see few products supporting USB 3.0
    and don't forget that there are still some huge compability problems with USB 3.0 devices (random disconnect; transfer speed, broken cables, etc.)
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