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Thread: Sandy Bridge Tec Water Block

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    Can you make me one to fit a 7970 with 2x tec and small rotated contact area to reach the gpu ihs
    ? If so I want one, cold on my 7970 would be awesome

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cookiesowns View Post
    Will LGA2011 TEC's ever be made? Or is it not cost effective due to the size of the die...
    I second that...
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    What does die size have to do with the TEC? Thats what cold plates and IHS's are for..
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    Any of the owners can show any screenshots with some temp results under stress testing? The product is really intresting. Thanks.
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    More so LARGER dies will produce better results with TEC's. As it is most dies require a decently thick cold plate to distribute heat from IHS.

    Larger die = more even heat.

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    I have some results:

    2500k@5.2Ghz, 1.378 volts.

    Idle temps : 27/28/32/27
    Load temps: 65/72/71/68

    Alle temps with these settings:

    ambient: 21
    Temp target : 20

    idle load tec is 40%
    load temp offcourse 100%

    Cooling: 3x360 rad with 2x 560ti in loop.

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    That rad must be suffering trying to cool a TEC and 2 gtx560ti's in a single loop.... Any idea what your coolant temp is? Would be interesting to see how hot it gets during a full load run so we can see how efficient the TEC unit is working.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wimo View Post
    I have some results:

    2500k@5.2Ghz, 1.378 volts.

    Idle temps : 27/28/32/27
    Load temps: 65/72/71/68

    Alle temps with these settings:

    ambient: 21
    Temp target : 20

    idle load tec is 40%
    load temp offcourse 100%

    Cooling: 3x360 rad with 2x 560ti in loop.
    Just for a quick comparison, this is with the stock MCW-6500T with a single EK 360mm rad with GT's at 7V and single MCP355 with the Petra top, note the cold plate could have been tightened a LOT better but i've stripped the stock screws well three of them to be exact. I would've gotten much better results if i used two MCP's since the stock block is extremely restrictive and i was barely getting any water movement...

    5200Mhz at 1.45V full load temps hovering in low 50's. It was a quick setup.

    Uploaded with

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    Very Very cool, I am Tempted to over a Dual TEC Controller, and a chiller.... With the chiller i assume i would need two pumps? (One Hot side and one cool side). Is the LCD back lit? Can i swap it out a blue LCD?

    Does the chiller have a mounting bracket?
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