First let me introduce, my name is Jan Černý and I work as SSD reviewer for Czech web magazine: (in the past I working for

In these days I working on Kingston HyperX SSD review.

This SSD have Intel 29F16B08CCME2 NAND flash chips. This document says:

  • 25nm MLC Intel
  • ONFi v2.2
  • 2 die, 2 CE, 2 R/B, common I/O
  • 5000 Program/Erase cycles
  • asynchronous mode only

But local PR:
after speaking also to R&D we don't give out those specifics. I can tell u that it is synchronous NAND w. 5000PE cycle endurance - everything else is internal only.
Intel SSD 320 have 29F16B08CCME1 and Anand says:
ONFi v2.1
asynchronous mode only
Which information is correct? It's only different version (1=synchronous; 2=synchronous)?