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Thread: KPC POTS in stock again over next couple weeks..starting with new TEK-9 FAT

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    KPC POTS in stock again over next couple weeks..starting with new TEK-9 FAT

    Taken a few months off getting some stuff switched over and getting the new container lineup ready. Nice little break after so many years of doing this , but its biz time again and were gonna be full steam soon. This time with better rates on international shipping. New look on some pots and the F1 EXTREME EDITION is back enhanced, and will start selling again in ADDITION to the F1 GEMINI pot. New TEK-9 FAT should be available on KPC starting end of next week. Should have pieces ready and I don't expect them to last long before first batch sells out, so if u want one don't hesitate and let me know asap here at XS via PM or at KPC. Teaser of whats coming in the new OVERCLOCKER online mag next issue..check it out.

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