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Thread: GUIMiner Installation Guide for Mining Bitcoins

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    GUIMiner Installation Guide for Mining Bitcoins

    GUIMiner is a Graphical User Interface for GPU Bitcoin mining, more convenient and easier to use for miners just getting started.
    GUIMiner Latest Download Available Here
    GUIMiner legacy or Linux Version available here


    1. Download GUIMiner
    2. Extract file
    3. launch GUIMiner
    4. Configure GUIMiner
    5. Happy Mining!

    GUIMiner AutoStart Mining, fully automatic windows startup mining:
    1. Put shortcut of GUIMiner in Startup (Start>all programs>startup)
    2. At Sumonary tab on Guiminer check the boxes for autostart function on each miner
    3. Select File (GUIMiner) and save settings
    When windows starts it will automatically launch GUIMiner and start mining every time.

    GUIMiner Windows Installation Guide Youtube video

    Here is what GUI Miner looks like:

    For ATi Graphics cards update your graphics drivers here

    *If you are using an AMD ATi Radeon 4000 Series card you will need to install the AMD APP SDK available here*

    For NVIDIA Graphics cards update your graphics drivers here

    How to use:

    Extract and instead of running "poclbm.exe" (which runs the command line version), run "guiminer.exe". If you have OpenCL set up correctly this should launch the GUI. If you get an error about OpenCL, you need to install an OpenCL package from your GPU vendor. For AMD/ATI cards you can get OpenCL here.

    Once the GUI is running, choose a pool and register if necessary from the pool website, then press "Start mining" to begin. Wait for the coins to come in and don't forget to donate

    How to get help:

    For technical support please post in this thread rather than sending me a PM; this will get you a reply sooner since other people than me can help you out. More information is better; with only a brief vague report we probably don't know enough to pinpoint your problem. Here's an example of a good report:

    "When I try to start mining, I get "Problems communicating with bitcoin RPC" in the status bar and the miner doesn't start. I already checked that my bitcoin.conf contains the correct username and password. I am using:

    GUIMiner version: v2011-06-09
    Operating system: Windows XP SP3
    Miner backend: OpenCL/poclbm
    Video card: ATI 5770
    Server: solo mining on Bitcoin client 0.3.22

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

    Q: Help! The program crashed or didn't work!
    A: If you post a bug report in this thread a variety of helpful people including myself can try to fix your issue. We need to know at least the following: what version of Windows you're using, what graphics card you're using, what version of drivers you're using, what pool you're using if applicable, and a detailed description of what went wrong.

    Q: How do I know if my graphics card (GPU) supports OpenCL or CUDA?
    A: Try running GPU Caps Viewer. It will tell you what your GPU supports.

    Q: How do I use the Phoenix/phatk miner?
    A: Run GUIMiner as usual, then go File -> New other miner and navigate up one directory and pick phoenix.exe. Then enter your info as usual and start mining. For the Extra Flags you can enter any Phoenix flags such as VECTORS or -k phatk (see above screenshot) for an example, or see the BitCoin Mining Hardware Comparison Chart thread for a full list of flags.

    Q: What extra flags do I use?
    A: If you have a Radeon 5xxx card (for example 5770, 5890), use '-v -w128'. On CPU you don't need any flags. For other cards ask around.

    Q: My temperatures are too high, can I throttle the GPU so it runs slower but cooler?
    A: If you are mining using OpenCL you can use the -s flag a value such as 0.01 in order to force the GPU to sleep for 0.01 seconds in between runs. Increase or decrease this value until you have the desired GPU utilization.

    Q: Can I connect to more than one pool with the same GPU? For example have a main pool, and a backup pool in case the main one goes down?
    A: Yes, you can use the -f flag for this. A value of -f60 or higher in the backup pool's miner will cause it to yield most of the GPU power to miners with a lower f value (default is 30).

    Q: Is it normal that GUIMiner uses a lot of CPU when mining on the GPU?
    A: No, for most people GUIMiner uses less than 1% of CPU. This is a poclbm issue some people are experiencing - see this post for more info.

    Q: Do I need the official Bitcoin client to be open while mining?
    A: Only if you are doing solo mining - in this case you are connecting to the client instead of a pool server.

    Q: How does performance using the GUI compare to using the command line?
    A: They should be identical; the GUI introduces virtually no overhead.

    Q: How do I know if I'm getting a good hashing rate for my card?
    A: See this topic for a comparison of various cards.

    Q: How do I know how many Bitcoins I'll generate with my card?
    A: See Bitcoin Mining Profitability Calculator to determine this.

    Q: I installed OpenCL, but my GPU isn't showing up. Only my CPU is shown. What is the problem?
    A: A couple people experienced this issue and were able to resolve it by installing a different driver version.

    Q: How can I delete my miner settings, or edit them manually?
    A: Miner settings are stored in %APPDATA%\Roaming\poclbm. For example, on Windows 7 this path translates to C:\Users\Kiv\AppData\Roaming\poclbm. The file poclbm.ini inside contains the settings in JSON format. There are also some settings in .ini files inside the miner directory, also in JSON format. No registry keys are used, so removing these .ini files completely erases your settings.

    Q: How can I completely uninstall GUIMiner?
    A: Remove the GUIMiner folder and the miner settings above, and that will completely remove GUIMiner.

    Q: I want to see X feature in the miner. How can I have it?
    A: I'm working on new features but I have a full time job and other things to do too - if you want to encourage me send donations to: 1MDDh2h4cAZDafgc94mr9q95dhRYcJbNQo

    Q: What does it mean in the summary panel when the shares say something like 1000 (150) accepted?
    A: That means 1000 shares total were accepted, including 150 in the last hour.

    GPUMiner Graphics Card and CPU Miner Installation

    Download the GUI Miner client direct download available here

    latest version and older versions available here

    Click the "..." box to change the destination

    If you need to you can scroll up to view "Desktop"

    Select Desktop

    Click "OK" to finish changing location

    Click "Extract"

    Open the newly extracted folder

    Launch "guiminer.exe"

    Click the carrot on the the server drop down box

    You can manually join the pool by selecting "Other" there are three alternate pools available

    Host: Pool: 8332
    Host: Pool: 8332
    Host: Pool: 8332

    Select "" from the menu

    Enter the username used when creating your worker on the BitClockers Dashboard

    Enter the password used when creating your worker on the BitClockers Dashboard

    Open the Device drop down menu to view available mining devices

    Select "0-0" as your first device

    Click start mining and you are up and running!

    I find it convenient to right click on "guiminer.exe" and send a shortcut to the desktop

    On the lower left you will see statistics for Shares "accepted" and the time of last accepted share. Also any error messages from the client will be displayed here.

    On the lower right you will see your current "Hash" rate in Mhash/s (Million Hashes per second)

    If you like GUIMiner think about donating to Kiv the creator for creating this easy to use miner!

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