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Thread: Looking for help/suggestions on how to build a liquid system for nVidia Tesla C1060

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    Looking for help/suggestions on how to build a liquid system for nVidia Tesla C1060


    I have recently acquired a system equipped with three nVidia Tesla C1060 GPUs, one of which is air cooled, the other two of which are water-cooled. However, the water cooling in the system is broken (according to the person who gave me the box), however, the cards work just fine. I am new to the water-cooling world and began specing out a system to replace the existing system.

    Based on my search of the literature I could find on the web, the solution generally reconmmended was a Black Ice triple Radiator (GTX 360), a MCP-655B pump, and one of the many good reservoirs out there, I was looking at a one that fit into the space of two 5.25inch drive bays. The one part I'm having trouble with is finding an appropriate water block for these Tesla Cards. I've been told they were based off of the design for the GTX285, but having inspected many of the full water blocks available from several venodors, I can't find one which appears to be compatible with the Tesla. There are subtle differences involving the configuration of the drill holes in the Tesla PCB as well as the layout of supporting memory chips.

    Does anyone have experience building such a system for these cards? I've been told that this forum is full of a wealth of knowledgeable people.

    On a related note, does anyone know where I could get a replacement stick air-cooling unit for these cards. I've been searching the web and have been unable to find any. Board reference number is P607.


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    for a replacement air-cooling solution, call nvidia and ask if they have this in their inventory in the back somewhere: Cooler Master TM72 NV P/N: 580-10607-
    2000-000. that should include a heat sink, fan, backplate, thermal grease interface material, and screws. it's unlikely cooler master would still have them since it was a contracted cooling system, and they would more than likely have shipped all of them to nvidia.

    here's where I got this information:

    as far as liquid cooling, i got nothin
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    So you're saying I could use my own pee as coolant?

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    Core only block and ramsinks? All I can think of...

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    reuse the water block that are already on the cards?
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    PM me with pics of what you have
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