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Thread: Alphacool Fittings 10/13 Review

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    Alphacool Fittings 10/13 Review

    Alphacool Tube Connectors Review
    by Dark Mantis

    Alphacool have recently released a new range of tube fittings onto the market. These come in three different finishes. All are made of solid brass but the finish coating can be of polished copper, chrome or jet black. These are high quality pieces both in the design and construction. The end finish is extremely high quality also. Many pieces of the copper, chrome and black components have the Alphacool logo printed on the side.

    One particularly well thought out feature is the free twisting ends so that whatever location these are installed in the tubing can be arranged to connect to it in an unkinked manor. This is particularly important for the bends and multiple bends.

    The screw ends and compression fittings have a diamond design knurled grip to make tightening without tools easier.

    All screw fittings are compatible with the 1/4" BSPP industry standard ports. They come ready fitted with 0 rings to accomplish a good seal. Each fitting comes individually packed so that although they are viewable they reach the end user in perfect condition much better than just being thrown in a plastic bag with many others.

    The barb ended style use a multiple barbed spigot to hold the tubing tightly even though most people would want to use additional clamps or cable ties for insurance.

    To be honest I wasn't overly impressed with the look of the copper finished components from the website pictures but once I had seen them "in the flesh" so to speak I have changed my mind. They are very smart looking and allow for a more unique look to your build than the more run of the mill chrome and black variants.

    Nearly all types and styles of fitting are available in all three coatings so it is possible to choose any look and still be able to get the shape/design of part that you want. There are over twenty options of each style available so there are going to be very few situations where you are left without a device to fit perfectly.

    This is another very nice line of cooling accessories that Alphacool has come up with here and I am very impressed with them. The price is very reasonable considering the quality produced. I award these fittings 10/10

    Supplier: AlphaCool International http://www.alphacool.com

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