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Thread: [How to] fund your cruncher's utility bill OR how to make money using bitcoin

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    Quote Originally Posted by JAWS View Post
    oh man I heard about that. Is there any chance to recover?
    none that I know of...
    they found 200,000 bitcoins in an old wallet.
    less then 1/4 of bitcoins they lost...
    so I might get something...
    but not holding my breath

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    Let's see going on 6 years ago this thread was created. I thought I was over my grief about reformatting, but when bitcoin's price is over $ still hurts. anyone else like me?

    In debt up to my eyeballs, kids, and married. I'm the idiot that deleted $100,000+ off my hard drives.

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    Not as bad as you, but I had ~10 BTC that got caught up in the Cryptsy trading site fiasco.

    Yes, hurts a little as you say... credit cards being paid off alone would have been a big big help!
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    i did not loose any BTC, but i sold all mine in the $25 price range.

    still made some money and paid for several GFX cards. so i made out ok, but it could have been much better if i had waited.

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