So I got a Samsung 305T back when I was in Japan, and it's been my major gaming monitor ever since. Yes I game at 2560 x 1600, don't you? However a few days ago I noticed something, the color blending is all messed up, not exactly the colors during gaming but when the colors transition to shadows, then I started to actually see the pixel columns like you would on a old TV is you got close to it.

Then these bands of flicking shadows moved up and down the screen. I first thought my GTX 295s were going bad, so I hooked up my 40" TV, and the colors were vibrant and clean. So I swapped out my 24 Gateway Monitor from my non-gaming computer and tested it out, perfect no color problems.

This leaves me with a sad state, I spent about $1200 on the monitor 1-2 years ago. Its currently on my non gaming computer so I can "live" with the colors, but gaming on 1920x1080 just isn't the same as 2560x1600

I can afford a new 30inch monitor if I saved up for a few months, but I'm at this point in my life where I'm trying to save up for a new truck and spending that much on a monitor when I can get a 27" for $430ish is really hard to justify.

I can only hope that this 30" monitor gets better on its own, or at least goes out quietly in the night.