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Thread: Just got an Asus VG278HE, plus nVision2, my thoughts so far...

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    Just got an Asus VG278HE, plus nVision2, my thoughts so far...

    I just got my monitor today, plus the kit.

    Monitor did 144hz out of the box, it didn't need a modded EDID.
    Doesn't seem to be any bad pixels but I haven't looked for those yet, I haven't actually calibrated the monitor either.
    Though I had to try calibrating it a little, monitors usually don't come calibrated at all anyways from my experience.

    The only issue I seem to have to with the monitor it's self so far is that the 2nd row from the top, towards more taking up the right side of the screen.
    There's like a backlight bleed or something, I don't know what to call it actually.
    But a almost whole line flickers white, regardless of refresh rate.
    It's concerns me a little because I'de hate to have to return it, I hate returning anything because it costs more money (monitor was $600... it cost enough lol).

    I found out howto get into service mode.
    Thanks to this link:

    After the normal menu/osd comes up, the only difference being it's in the top left corner of the screen, and there's a "F" on the bottom of the osd.
    You can now scroll down to that "F" character thing and press menu again to go into it, that's the service menu.
    I only peeked at it, didn't change anything, (I would have to play around more with the normal stuff before I messed with the service menu).

    It does have RGB Gains AND Offsets btw , in the service menu...

    Light boost works regardless of the actual freq used.
    Or at least on 3d locked freq's it does, like 100, 110, 120hz.
    Didn't try the lightboost in 2d hack thing, didn't think that actually worked until my experience with the monitorsize registry setting setting in nvision ^^.
    The monitorsize setting which works but needs setting after a game has been started !, pretty odd for a reg setting).

    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\NVIDIA Corporation\Global\Stereo3D]
    "MonitorSize" Dword.
    Normally set in binary to 2x the size of your monitor, mine for example is 54, as 2x 27in = 54in.
    However there's a neat thing you can do with it.
    If you notice, by increasing the 3d depth setting (I can in realtime since I got the kit instead of it being built in a monitor)..
    After only a few notches up it introduces some odd crosseyed ghost thingy lol.
    The higher you go up in the depth, the worse this gets and the harder it is to focus on everything on the screen at once.
    (That's maybe not the best way of explaining it)
    If you increase the monitor size however, you can go higher in the depth without this ghost like effect that I'm talking about.

    Tested up to 3f0 and that went pretty far up.
    Then fff as the value, which allowed me to go all the way up in the 3d depth.
    Cool right?

    Well here's the thing.
    There has to be a balance.
    It seems to me, the higher the depth, the less things can in the foreground, pop out towards you.
    That's the best way I can think of explaining it.

    So even though you'de think that fff woud be thee best to set, it's not.
    It could be more like 1f0, 1a0, ff, who knows.
    It's gotta be a balance of depth and monitor size, to get the greatest effect.

    What really sucks is the way you have to apply the setting, monitorsize.
    It resets it's self every time you start a d3d app.
    The trick is to alt tab out of a fullscreen back into 2d mode, set the reg setting to a higher/custom value, then alt tab back.
    And strangely it applies as soon as it hits 3d mode again.

    There's also a way of trying to force 144hz in 3d.
    But only works in mafia2 and the nvidia 3d test app.
    And the monitor it's self says 120hz but the system says 144 .
    Swore I saw a difference at 1st when I 1st tried 144hz in the nv test app (which allows you to do this in the ui without the reg setting for it) .
    The reg setting is called:
    HKLM\SOFTWARE\NVIDIA Corporation\Global\Stereo3D\StereoRefreshRate
    And it's a dword.
    In most apps setting 144hz this way will result in a warning on the bottom and 3d not enabled, some games enable 3d anyways but the settings aren't right (eye separation distance or something).

    As for nVision it's self.
    Kind of a pain in the butt to get working right.
    Had some errors in the setup wizard thing.
    The darned geforce driver installer fails to even try to install a driver of any kind (had to install manually).
    Yet the quadro driver installer works fine wth...(using the geforce one right now though)
    No 3d game profiles working at all, they aren't there, one of the many driver errors in my setup.
    Had google earth working once, now I can't get it to go into 3d mode in that app at all anymore :\.
    Can't get youtube 3d mode working yet, haven't looked into what is needed for that though.

    nVidia 3d video player app sucks, really sucks.
    It works, most of the time it kicks into 3d mode but sometimes it refuses.
    It won't stretch..., and the scrollbar sucks, no fullscreen scrollbar or right click menu.
    Looking for a better option sooner or later.
    Hoping I can find a copy of vlc or something that can do this, much rather have mpc doit but whatever you know.

    I was surprised that most of my games don't work good at all in 3d, like farcry3(needs some tweaking or something...) or sr3(not likely gonna work for now).
    Games like sfxtekken, the cod games, and mafia2 worked fine for the most part.

    Anyways, do you guys think I should exchange my monitor for a replacement?
    Because of that flickering line 2nd from the top...
    If it's normal on this thing, fine I guess I could deal with it, but if it's not... :\
    Just thinking, I'm working off a preset mode, where I just adjusted it a little bit.
    It's still to bright and so on.
    Maybe after alot of tweaking that prob won't be noticeable.
    Which means I'm overdoing it right now... , I hope that running defaults on this thing won't end up killing it (Close to defaults now so wth, it just concerns me a little).
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