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Thread: CPU Compatibility list for Bloodrage?

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    CPU Compatibility list for Bloodrage?

    Can we compile a "known good" list for our beloved Bloodrage MB?
    Foxconn Blood Rage rev 1.1 P11
    I7 920 C0@4.018 GHz
    Coolermaster HAF
    Coolermaster V8
    Mushkin Enhanced Redline 12 GB kit @1524
    eVGA 8800GT
    Corsair TX650W
    Kingston SNV425S264 64 GB SSD
    2xWD 500GB, 2xWD 1TB
    LG LH-20A1L

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    From personal experience:

    All first gen i7's

    W35xx Xeon's (3570 needs no introduction fastest i7 ever made)

    The rest I have no clue.
    Core i7 W3570 @ 4.86Ghz (on air)
    Foxconn Blood Rage
    6Gb Gskill Perfect Storm @ 1666 Mhz
    Twin 580 GTX in Sli mode (if ever the BIOS is fixed correctly)
    Samsung 37" LCD
    Twin 1 T/B WD Black in raid- striped, Single WD As a B/U.
    Antec 1200 watt PSU
    Antec 900 series case
    Sony BD Player
    LG BD/DVD burner
    Logitech Bluetooth M/KB
    Cambridge THX Gigaworks 7.1 Sound



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