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Thread: operational life of Laing DDC-3.2

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    operational life of Laing DDC-3.2

    Hey folks,

    Since i'm going on 2+ years of running water pump pretty much 24/7/365... anyone know the operational life of the Laing DDC-3.2 pump? Its still just as quiet as its always been, and doesnt seem to be having any issues, but i dont want to push things when i actually need the computer working all the time.



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    MTBF is listed at 50000 hours or 5.5 years...I'd say you're fine

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    Plug the rpm sensor into the motherboard and setup a minimum rpm shutdown via bios or speedfan.

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    IRL usage... i have ones from 2007 still going strong... lol...

    U know what i can 1 up that even.... as my DDC-2's are still strong.

    YMMV on any pumps... Theres a lot of reasons pumps can die.. so u can not take one person's usage and superimpose on another, unless u have the exact same setup.
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    Your pump should be fine for a while. It's always smart to have some sort of safeguard like Martin suggested though.

    And NaeKuh, even if it's the same setup, usage also affects the lifespan of a pump. Frequent on and off switching of the pc can quickly kill a pump. Like you said, a lot of people who run WCG or F@H 24/7 still have working pumps after several years .
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    My DDC-1 pump 10W@12VDC is running at 9VDC. It's a cool pump to begin with. It's gone beyond the 50K run life without any hiccups.
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    My DDC3.2 has been going pretty much 24/7 since late Feb 2008 with only the occasional shutdown to maintenance the loop, move the computer, etc.
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