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Thread: Big Things In Small Packages

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    Big Things In Small Packages

    Hey All,

    This is a long way off becoming a reality, but never too early to start a work log apparently Keep in mind this is my first build log, and only my second WC build, so be gentle.

    Basically the idea was/is to fit a fully watercooled ITX system (cpu/gpu) into a teeny little case. At this stage that teeny little case is the SG-07. I'll start with a break down of parts that are on the short list show ya some pictures of the current mock up and then leave it open to comments/suggestions/scathing criticisms.

    Case - SG-07
    Mobo - DFI MI P55
    CPU - i5 760
    RAM - undecided
    GPU - HD6970
    HDD - 2x 120gb SSD (undecided which)

    Pump - Swiftech MCP35X
    Radiator - MCR220 (already own)
    CPU Block - HK 3.0 LT
    GPU Block - EK FC Block
    Res - EK Multioption 150 (already own)
    Fans - 3x GT1850's
    plus loads of fittings etc etc

    Ok a bit of a break down on the plan. I am planning on stripping out the 180mm fan and bracket, along with forsaking a optical drive and removing the slim CD bracket and the stock HDD bracket. I will get my own bracket of some sort made up to hold the SSDs. I will also be getting some sort of bracket made up to hold the rad and fans in place.
    The only reason I am using the MCR220 is because I have it lying around from a previous build and want to save where I can. Same goes for the res. I don't think my res idea is going to be a popular one... but I kinda like it. I haven't completely decided how I will mount that as I need something that will give it the proper clearance. You will see what I mean when you see the pics. You may also notice in the pictures that one of the tubes conflicts with a fan, however I don't think this will be an issue IRL... tubes are just a mongrel to model in sketchup so I've left it how it is. You may also notice there is a huge amounts of 90 fittings, actually all bar 2 I think; this was just the only way I could get it all to fit.

    Now in terms of heat load, I am fairly confident the 220 will be able to handle it. I am not really planning on overclocking anything at this stage, the DFI board doesn't seem to be a good board for overclocking anyway.

    I don't actually own the case yet, so this model has been made from trawling the net for photos and measurements, so I can't guarantee its 100% accurate and things may change significantly once the case is in my hands in a couple of weeks. Mainly the mounting of the pump on the back wall.

    Ok so onto some pictures:

    SG07 Iso 2.jpg
    With Casing on, I will be using some sort of pass through connector for the res tubes, and maybe quick disconnects to make life easy

    SG07 Iso 1.jpg
    With casing off

    SG07 Right.jpg
    From the side. Note I will be using a 6970. Just couldn't find a sketchup model for it. I don't forsee the change making any difference.

    SG07 Left.jpg
    From the other side

    SG07 Back.jpg
    From the back, I plan on mounting the pump to the back wall. You may note it is quite close to the IO panel. So this may pose some problems, I will just have to wait and see once the case arrives. Its pretty tight back there.

    Loop Iso 1.jpg
    Loop by itself.

    Loop Front.jpg
    Loop by itself from the front

    So that is about where I am at at the moment. I would love some feedback on the whole idea. I will try and add this as often as I can, with pics of everything as I go.

    Thanks for reading
    Mobo: DFI X48 T2R
    CPU: E8400 @ 3.78 (lil better)
    Ram: G.Skill F2 Pi @ 840
    GPU: 2x HIS IceQ4 4870 1gb X'd
    HDD: 2x Caviar Black 500gb

    GTZ, FC EK's, 655B with EK Rev.2 Top, RX120 w/GT1850's push/pull, MCR240 w/GT1850's in push, Frozen Q n Primochill 1/2" Tubin

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    nice idea.... im starting a sff build too... nowhere enar as small as yours, but none the less.... small!

    Good luck! And happy modding!

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    Nice drawings there dude. Could you not go for a T-line on the res, smaller, have it all inside, cheaper, neater. I think the res in its current postion might not bleed so easy

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    nice drawing , can't wait to see it done
    Soon to be :
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    Great planning!



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