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Thread: GTX 460 768 vs GTX 280

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    Exclamation GTX 460 768 vs GTX 280

    Couldn't find a straight answer so far

    The reason i ask is because i had an evga gtx 280 but since it died they gave me a sparkle gtx 460 (the 768 one) as a replacement at the store i bought the 280.
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    While at stock it might loose in some games and win in others overall it should be somewhat comparable, plus 460 would overclock much higher than any 280/285, so it should give it an edge in the end.
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    Depending on the use their performance is about on the same level. I agree that when 460 is overclocked, it will surpass the 280 OC in most scenarios. It runs a lot cooler and it is more future-proof. I believe you got a good deal, although if I were you I would bargain for some other brand (different than Sparkle) and if possible with 1GB frame-buffer instead of 768. But in any case even Sparkle 460 768 is a good match for the 280.
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