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Thread: What do you use to mesaure temps?

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    What do you use to mesaure temps?

    I am building my first dry ice system and was wondering what meters/probes you guys use? Where do you normally mounts your probes?

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    Well, ou need some normal thermometers with measure bandwith between +xxC and -200C, if you want to bench with LN2, DICE will max be around -75C.
    The heat sensor is usually put here

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    I use a DT 301 thermometer with a k type probe for my measuring needs.
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    EXTECH 421502 K/J thermometer

    got it and a 12" tall, 2" dia copper pipe DICE pot for my H50 because the prev. owner spilled acetone on the thermometer, still functions and is easily readable, so it was a great way to spend the money!
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    UEI DT302 here. Very nice refresh rate, dual input and accurate with both probes inserted.

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    I use overclocked Fluke 51 II thermometers (to 54II) and Fluke 87V. Waiting some arrival of new meter also.
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