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Thread: Ultra quiet 'All in one' Quad compressor unit

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    nice looking unit there gray

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    Closer than you think.
    Thanks Kayl

    Was hoping to see you around again, still making stuff? I saw a cascade of yours over at OCN. Some guy was blowing his 10 amp breaker Told him any 3/4hp cascade is gonna get close to 10amps anyways, so up it to 15. Figured it was one of yours, so probably pretty good

    Ok, well back on topic...

    What a waste of time

    I swapped the Tecumseh for the 'Daewoo' compressor since it was a 2.6cc and the little boost might help a bit.


    Must be something in the compression ratio, but even at 35psi low, couldn't get it much over 100w of capacity. Compared to the Tecumseh which is the smallest one on the rack, it's just a dog.

    Gave up when the static was around 95psi. Small compressor like that isn't going to like starting up with much more than that, so it's going back on the shelf. I'll just get the Tecumseh to work best I can, and call it done.

    Guess Daewoo doesn't just make mediocre cars. They do mediocre compressors too

    But the final results of the rest are in, and...

    300w held on the cpu for -19c load, -38 idle.
    Samsung compressors aren't bad I guess. Quiet and pretty good result.

    225w for the gpu's

    -10c for that load on the Danfoss TL2.5 was the best of course
    -18 or so idle, so a pretty nice result, coldest at load, warmest at idle, ideal for gpu.

    -9 for that load on the Huayi. 2.9cc, but still not like a Danfoss.
    -20ish idle, still what I like to see.

    -7ish for the load on the Tecumseh, weakest result.
    -30ish idle, so a strange finish. Hoping to get that tighter when I refit and retune. Rather it was -20 or so idle. May look at a captube change.

    Daewoo was -3 at 100w, and didn't want to do much more. Pathetic. -16 was the idle temp. Pulldown was awful. Noise was more than the others. Nothing very good to say about it.

    I'll have to fully update with pics soon, but I'm just about done with the fun part, getting the data and playing with the tuning.

    Guess I'll have to wire it up and make some panels. No idea if anyone even wants something like this, but I may as well finish it off and see Doesn't matter really, was just a fun project and I got to learn a lot about what the little compressors in different brands would do.

    I really think that the 1/6 to 1/5hp compressors are a good choice if you want a super quiet cpu cooler though. I mean, at 100 to 150w of power draw you're looking at one bright light bulb's worth of power consumption. That's not bad for a -20 cooler at 300w. Not anything amazing, but for a 24/7 cooler it's an interesting idea.

    Besides, if you can go to a 6" height, then the install possibilities increase a lot. Quite a few cases (some with a small mod to get a bit of extra height) will fit a smaller compressor, so an integrated case design may end up a good option, without having to resort to a 500 dollar X2000.

    1/10 to 1/8hp makes a fine 225w gpu cooler that's fairly cold, but not so cold that the insulation becomes a serious chore. I figure that a heater on the back would make that a non issue too. -20 at load can get to be a bit much for a gpu especially if it's going to -40 or more at idle, hard for the heat of the card around it to warm up the card enough to take condensation out of the picture, but -20 idle, might be enough with the mosfets and gddr warming things just a little.

    I really like the result of -10/-20c load/idle. not being seriously cold is what I was hoping for.

    So that's about it as far as the more interesting data goes I guess.


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    Just add three 30" LCDs and hardware capable of driving said displays, and we'll be good to go here!
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