well, after figuring out that sending the rma form through the attached email address, apparently, it wasnt actually recording the information, and maybe all that foxconn was recieveing was a blank form.

I contacted Rick, and he sent an email to me, ( I finally broke down an bought a new copyy/scan /printer) downloaded the form, made a copy, filled out the form and emailed it along with copies of the email responses between Rick and myself.

They recieved the board Last Monday, on tuesday it was already checked and Foxconn had issued a replacement and sent UPS shipping info !!! it will be here later today... now thats great service, and expidited service as well.

One thing I did do though..( ok , im laughing at myself ) I was so used to the stock northbridge cooler fan being on the board with its nice little QF fan sticker, that I forgot to take it off when I sent in the board ( yes Im thinking it may not be sent back, its effectively one of the extra things on the board, and they say not to send anything but the board itself)

But in the end, Foxconn stood by their commitment with warrenty and customer service. Thank you Foxconn and Lord Trident and Rick Heang..