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Thread: Lian Li G70 rebuild: time to upgrade

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    Lian Li G70 rebuild: time to upgrade

    Hi guys, just a little worklog of my system rebuild.

    You can check my old thread here

    It was a long time since I've been using the Q6600 overclocked to 3.6 GHz.
    When the i7 launched I didn't see the need to upgrade and the prices were abusive.

    Well, I should have upgraded earlier because I could have sold my old system for a better price.

    I upgraded my system and bought some new watercooling parts too. Thanks to frozenCPU I can still buy watercooling parts from USA. Sidewinder does not sell to Brazilians anymore and performancePCS don't accept international credit cards for shipping to different addresses. The EK parts were bought directly from Eddy.

    All hardware parts were bought from Amazon. I wish I could use newegg but they don't accept international CC at all.

    My parts list:

    - Asus P6X58D-E (didn't see the need for the Premium version).
    - 6GB Corsair XMS3 1600 Cas 7 CMX6GX3M3C1600C7 (didn't see the "value" on the dominators, these modules are just as good)
    - i7 930 (I want to run it at least 4.3 GHz)
    - Corsair 850HX (I'll use my old etasis PSU on a new home server)

    I'm using the my "old" AMD 5870, case, SSD and HDD. Maybe I'll buy another one in a few months but first I need a bigger monitor.

    The watercooling parts:

    - EK supreme HF (needed something better to replace my old Fuzion)
    - EK Mosfets blocks (I know, not needed, I did mostly for bling)
    - EK Asus X58 full cover (the same)
    - EK dual DDC top V2 with the multioption res. (I was convinced by the last Martin's posts on pump redundancy and a little better temps)
    - two Laing DDC 3.25 (bought these from Frozen CPU)
    - I bought some compression fittings from EK to add to my old koolance ones.

    I'm going to use my old PA120.3 and MCR220 with SanAces H1011 both shrouded. I'll do a single loop as recommended.

    I'm still waiting for the PSU and res/top from EK, I hope all parts will be delivered until the weekend.

    Any suggestions are welcomed.

    Some pics:

    - new hardware is always good

    - before tests and new blocks

    - new blocks and pumps

    - after 30 minutes dealing with screws, thermal pads and standoffs

    - supreme HF installed and koolance 587 block. Time to route some tubbing

    - a little messy

    - now just waiting for the last parts to arrive
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