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Thread: blodrage gti and new Intel® Rapid Storage not work

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    Unhappy blodrage gti and new Intel® Rapid Storage not work

    my blodrage gti (bios g42) and beta rapid storage http://www.station-drivers.com/page/intel%20raid.htm ( ) not work, my system windows 7 x64, how to get it to work, sorry bad language, my english very bad

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    Tried the previous 10.0 beta, and that was a total failure, the beta arrived shortly after, and are working properly, allthough I only installed the driver not the software and on a FlamingBlade X58...

    Try a driverinstall only, extract the files and update manually via device manager.. If it's still messing up for you, don't worry, there is no point in updating to this one unless you are on raid0.. Generally be very carefull with storage controller beta drivers, as they may destroy your data and ruin your OS install...
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    I'm using this driver only, on a full bloodrage (P09 bios) with a single G.SKILL Phoenix Pro 120GB. It works well and boots noticeably faster.

    First extract with winrar...

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