Asus delivered!

Some highlights from the past few days.

Mikeguava > K|ngp|n > Trouffman at Kart racing
Mike won the kart racing event + $1000

Grats to the MOA winners and Thanks MSI for a great event that went as good as one could want.
Intel sent over many engineers throughout the event, Mr Skulltrail, Steven, Rahul, Kevin, Francois, and the guy with the mohawk.
The MOA contestants had a meet and greet with the Isreal Sandy Bridge design team, five of the Sandy Bridge design team answered questions as they watched the overclocking in progress.

Vince, Shamino, Gautam, BrianY, Ronaldo, Cwiss, Yuri, Gnidaol, Mikeguava and I went out on the Jeep tours from Red Rock down towards Good Springs. It was washed out bad and snow covered on our first trip.

The party went great, both bands made it, no one got arrested and prizes went to those did not expect to be hooked up.

Corsair Force SSD's, GTX3, 1200HX, 1000HX
Western Digital 2 Caviar Black 1TB, 500GB Notebook HD, 64GB SDD
EK water blocks
Danger Den variety of lit reservoirs and parts
Mountain mod cases
Asus Maximus IV Extreme, Rampage III Extreme, Crosshair Extreme, P8P67, and other stuff

Some guys took home enough parts to build a system, some got to pick a part.

The food was really good, the girl band Apocolypstick (sp?) and Pain Cylinder played four sets till 11PM

Thanks Planet for the many beers from Corsair. I hope someone got a pic of you with Francois this year.

Gabe from Swiftech was a trooper from start to finish and there was a group picture with Jeremy, Dennis, Eddy, and Alex (Petra).
Darthbeavis had a watercooled rig on display, V2-V3 had a water cooled Sandy Bridge on the bench.

No one got arrested this year. I need to get some rest before I complete the thanks thread, lets see some more pictures.