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Thread: XSPC resevoir bleeding time ?

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    XSPC resevoir bleeding time ?

    Does anyone know how fast a XSPC ddc pump resevoir bleeds. I have had switech micro reservoirs in the past, but have not been impressed. I am wondering if the xspc reservoir is faster or maybe an ek reservoir?
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    nothing beats the micro res in function.

    its a very well planned out res.

    Are you using the Version 1 or Version 2 with an additional bottom port?
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    Cut a bit of tubing in half and put it through your fillport with the curved side facing the pump intake.

    I just refilled my loops tonight and it took about 5mins minus the micro bubbles that will take some time. All the big noisy, performance killing bubbles are gone though.

    There's a thread about this somewhere around if you do a search.



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