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Thread: Difference between NB Voltage and NB VID Voltage?

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    Difference between NB Voltage and NB VID Voltage?

    I have both on the Gigabyte 890fx UD5, and I'm wondering which one I should really worry about when overclocking. :P

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    The 890FX chipset is actually the Northbridge(NB), or core logic chipset and is listed as NB in the bios. This chipset is not as important as it was years ago in overclocking when it was the by-way in controlling the memory.

    More importantly though with the current AMD architecture, is the CPU Northbridge, or CPU NB. The CPU northbridge is the highway between the CPU core, L3 cache and data I/O.

    The key to unleashing bandwidth and hence increasing performance of the current AMD CPU's is the ability to scale the NB frequency as high and stable as your system will allow. The CPU_NB vid or voltage setting is essential in assisting the enthusiast in this scaling. Most NB's are default at 2000Mhz, but many of the Thuban chips (x6) with additional voltage will scale up to the 3000-3300Mhz even with the CPU-NB voltage left on auto. This frequency range coupled with memory running at 1600Mhz(or higher) with tight timings
    unleashes the full performance capability of curent AMD CPU's.

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