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Thread: Throttling on Phenom X2 550 BE?!

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    Throttling on Phenom X2 550 BE?!

    Hey guys,
    I got some throttling problems with my CPU...

    I've unlocked the remaining 2Cores fine and it runs really stable @Stock Voltage.
    But when the temperature hits 52 degrees it starts reducing the frequency to something like 1Ghz?! (temp messured with lm-sensors under linux as coretemp seems to read only garbage temperatures?)

    Mainboard: Asus m4a78lt-m le
    Cooler: Thermaltake SonicTower Rev. 2 with 2 1400rpm fans.

    Do i need an modded BIOS or something to adjust the throttling temperature? Or does the Asus Board just suck?
    Like here: ?
    But i don't really feel like RMA the board :/

    Of cause i disabled any power saving feature i saw in the Bios, but it doesn't seem to change anything...

    Any help is much appreciated!

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    That's really like 65c so yeah, it's going to throttle. You need a better cooler.

    AND PS:

    Hardly anyone looks here, better repost in the main AMD section.



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