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Thread: What are the Features of XFX 610i BIOS V1.5 (MG-610i-7059)?

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    Question What are the Features of XFX 610i BIOS V1.5 (MG-610i-7059)?

    Hi my friends. is my first time here.
    I have a doubt about what are the features of the BIOS Bin V1.5 for XFX 610i mobo (MG-610i-7059), my mobo comes with bios V1.4.

    I really want more OC support, but i do not know if the bios upgrade have some changes about that.

    CPU: Pentium Dual Core E2180 @ 2.0ghz @ 2.75ghz @ 1.34V
    RAM: Crucial Ballistix DDR2 PC6400 @ 800mhz @ 880mhz @ 4-4-4-12 @ 2.00V
    VGA: EVGA 8600GT 512MB DDR3

    this is my config for now, and i know that is not a big Rig, later i have to do a big jump to Core i7 920, x58 mobo and DDR3 Ram xDDDDDDD.

    My Point is, i have the BIOS bin archive V1.5 downloaded from XFX main page, but if that have something special like better OC support, i will install it, otherwise, what is the utility for Bios upgrade V1.5?

    In Advance, thx a lot..
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    Nobody can help me???

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    Yeah, Sorry man, wish I could help but I think we're the only ones in this section of the forums. Which is a bummer because I got all kinds of questions about my new 5870 XXX edition but no one is around to ask! Again sorry.

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    Generally speaking, new BIOS updates fix bugs and add additional support. Flashing to the latest version certainly won't do you any harm

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