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Thread: Proper (EK in particular) WB for X48

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    Proper (EK in particular) WB for X48

    I'm facing hard times to find, which EK waterblock will fith on my P5E X48 chipset(NB). Can someone help me? Also, i'm currently using MCW30, but i think, i need less restrictive NB block, since MCW30 higher my CPU temps with more than 5*. So, i have been told, that EK will do the trick, but if there is other block, that is less restrictive than both MCW30 and EK, i would be happy to know it (:
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    I don't think "restriction" is your problem. MCW30 is completely flat inside, it's not "restrictive" at all. X48 is pretty hot anyway.

    EK makes this but it won't be much better than the MCW30 you already have.

    Bitspower has fullcover option.

    If CPU goes up by 5C from adding NB, then you need another rad or something.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kibbler View Post
    ..If CPU goes up by 5C from adding NB, then you need another rad or something.
    Or if fans were only in push, add pulling fans.

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    yeah mcw30 is one of the least restrictive blocks on the market like the mcw60 so like maybe your ambients have risen man.

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