Fuzion has arrived. Overall design of the motherboard is pretty the same with its brother “Trinergy” and includes features such as [/b] OC Genie, SuperPipe, 100% Hi-c Cap (which is made by Sanyo Japan  ) , DrMOS, Voltage Check Points (for more accurate reading of voltages of the mobo), Voltage Switch (instantly break voltage limit) & lastly Active Phase Switching (the best power saving technology against other brands, PROVEN!!! )

Here are the things bundled with the motherboard.
*All black SATA & IDE cables.
*Black back plate
*Sata Power
*USB 2.0 bracket and eSATA Pack
*M Connectors and v-check cables
*CD Driver, Lucid Hydra Driver & Quantum Audio Software

Next you have the OC Dashboard & the Quantum Wave Audio Card.

The OC Dashboard provides useful information like the temperature of your Processor, Motherboard and DrMos chips. You can also adjust the voltages of the CPU/PCH/VTT/DDR on the fly and raise or decrease the value of your motherboard’s base clock. Very useful gadget indeed!!!

The Quantum Wave Audio card combines THX TruStudio PC with EAX Advanced HD 5.0 & Creative Alchemy, giving you the best audio experience you can get. During my test of this motherboard, you can hear right away the difference of the audio quality of this card against a built in audio. I just used an ordinary MSI 2.0 speakers and the sound was wonderful.

*PS/2 keyboard
*PS/2 Mouse
* 2x eSATA/USB Combo ports
*IEEE1394 Port
*8x USB 2.0 ports
*2x RJ45 LAN Jacks
*D-Led2 or OC Dashboard panel connector

Say bye bye to solid caps and say hello to server grade Hi-c Caps

From Left to Right. Clear CMOS button, The “OC Genie” & Easy buttons (Green Power/Reset/Power buttons which only works with human static or ground)

Here are some shots and the specifications used for the setup

Processor: Intel i5 750 2.66ghz (OC Genie 3.2ghz / manual overclock 4.0ghz)
Cooler: AVC Global Star
Memory: Team Xtreem 2x1GB DDR3 1866mhz (running the mems @ 2000mhz)
Motherboard: MSI BigBang Fuzion
Video Cards: ATI – R4890 Cyclone OC & Nvidia – N275GTX Lightning
Harddisk: WD Raptor
Monitor: Hannspree HF257 25” LCD
Power Supply: AcBel R88 1100watts (80 Plus Bronze Certified)
Just some important notes regarding the Hydra Lucid Technology
1. Combination of ATI and Nvidia video cards only works with Windows 7
2. Combination of two different models of ATI or combination of two different models of Nvidia video cards works with Windows 7 or Windows Vista.
3. Hydra Lucid is not compatible with windows XP and it only supports video cards model from ATI 4XXX , ATI 5XXX to Nvidia 9 & 2XX series
4. You have to install all the drivers first before installing the Hydra Lucid driver
5. Once the Hydra Lucid Technology is enabled. You won’t be able to use the ATI’s Catalyst Control Center or the Nvidia’s Control panel. Physx would be disabled too. If you want to have a dedicated physx, you have to install a 3rd Video Card supporting Physx Technology.
6. Always use matched performing video cards with one another. Don’t use a combination like a Nvidia 8400gs with an ATI 4850. Surely there will be a performance loss because of the less performing card pulling down the ATI 4850
7. Lastly, based on my experience. It is better to put an ATI Video Card on the first slot and then a Nvidia Video Card on the 2nd slot. It yields better performance compared when a Nvidia video card is on the first slot.
Below are some tests I made with the unit I have. All tests were from 3dmark06 with Physx Disabled.

All stock settings with Hydra Disabled

All stock settings with Hydra Enabled

Now with the help of the OC Genie Button & i5 750 running at 3.2ghz

Hydra Disabled

Hydra Enabled

Manual overclocking at 4.0ghz

Hydra Disabled

Hydra Enabled

With the system running at stock speed or at 3.2ghz. There was a bottleneck already with the processor. My suggestion would be is to run the system at least at 4.0ghz or up to 4.2ghz so that it can keep up with the performance of the combined two video cards.