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Thread: SCPC 2009: Live duel between Terho and Mean Machine [NH]

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    SCPC 2009: Live duel between Terho and Mean Machine [NH]

    As promised and requested, we have more live overclocking feeds for you

    We will continue with our popular live broadcasts and we have now reached the first live duel. Our faithful live overclocker Terho will run another session to compete for the gold in Percentage Overclocking, but tonight he will be facing competition from overclocker Jonas "Mean Machine" Klar, who will make his first attempts with an Intel Celeron 420. Jonas is aiming for the same valor in Percentage Overclocking and even if he will settle for phase change cooling for tonight there is more to come.

    Terho will also be trying out a Celeron 420 CPU, but just like last time its liquid nitrogen that will be used for cooling. We will be broadcasting both Jonas and Terho's live overclockings on our dedicated SC site (in Swedish, but the videos are international) where you can follow the duel front row. New for this broadcast is that we have optimized the quality and you will now be able to follow everything in detail.

    - Click here to follow the live duel of SCPC 2009 -

    Feeds (Site's in Swedish, but just scroll down a bit to watch the feeds)


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    go jonas go

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