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Thread: Everest Ultimate & imTOO MEdia Kit Ultimate (Trial Pay)

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    Everest Ultimate & imTOO MEdia Kit Ultimate (Trial Pay)

    For those of you who dont know what trial pay is check this link Trial Pay

    I recently got Everest Ultimate for free just had to sign up for netflix for a month and I got the imTOO media kit ultimate for Free from TrustedID trial.

    Not a bad deal imo, they also have Kaspersky and Avira full for a year here are links to the above mentioned.





    there are people who have written huge lists of what you can get through trialpay here is a link to one of them.



    As a side note, if you do do a trial make sure you click instant offers to sort through the trials you can do, and read what you have to complete to get the software, some of the trials are crappy, but if you sort through them you can get the easy peasy free one.

    EDIT: Also just got Sandra from this

    SANDRA Pro Home Edition
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    Cool share.

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