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Thread: Intel 4.5GHz & 5GHz LinX Stable Club

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    Quote Originally Posted by dr_dx View Post
    Lazy Bastard? Lying Noob? That's the pot calling the kettle black. Your search button broken? There are 15 posts in this thread (most of them recent) that have "9216" in them and none of them show where Zalbard or the "community" decided on 9216. You started a discussion in 2011 about it but no one agreed to it. Zalbard updated the OP in 4/2012; If 9216 had been decided upon, he would have put it in. And now you are giving people a hassle over something that isn't even an issue anymore but you were too lazy to verify was still valid.

    I am sorry that you can't get your 3930K onto the list but that is no reason to take out your frustration on everyone else that is trying to comply with the requirements set out in the OP. Try being helpful, instead of critical and calling people names. It's because of TROLLS like you that this thread is dying.
    At no time did I say zalbard decided. just the community. And it's in there if you read the discussion. Cryptik, donmarkoni, newhit, xarot, and several of the big players in this club all agreed based on the results from our testing. This was all started by people noticing that there was a sharp GFlop dropoff between the 8192MB and 10240MB settings.

    lol, my 3930k isn't in the club because I didn't bother trying. It's an HTPC and I don't need it running that fast. It's got an air cooler on it... Way to attempt an insult and fail miserably.

    Also, way to not address the fact that the whole reason why we decided on 9216 may be fixed now.

    LOL@U. Keep trying, but you're just a failure.
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    Thumbs up Updated Linpack libraries

    Bumping the threat with Limpak updated libraries ver.

    You need to copy also the libiomp5md.dll file from redist directory for 32 or 64 Win u use in Linx folder.
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    Intel 4.5GHz & 5GHz LinX Stable Club

    ASUS P6X58-E WS, Water Cooled, i7-980X, 3045A974, 4.81GHz, 1.536V, 101.8569 GFlops
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    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    ASUS P6X58-E WS, Water Cooled, i7-980X, 3045A974, 4.81GHz, 1.536V, 101.8569 GFlops
    Very nice values. Just water?

    When i'm being paid i always do my job through.

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    Thumbs up Let me in

    ha ha ha ha

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