Hey all,
Thought I'd post this as it might be helpful to others.
I have two Corsair x64 SSDs in a Raid0- when I first installed Win7 onto these drives (brand new) about three weeks ago, it worked for a couple hours and then upon a reboot, one of the drives went missing. After several reboots I was able to get into Windows. This occurred several more times eventually leading to a corrupted Windows install. After reinstalling it ocurred again and I called Corsair. After two very informative conversations with John (aka TheRAMGuy), he directed me to a link (http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=81492) detailing a process to "restore" the drives to original factory settings. As I successfully completed this process on both drives, and have since had zero problems with the Raid0 staying compiled properly. I'm not sure if this problem occurs with brand drives other than Corsair, but if anyone is experiencing this same horribly frustrating problem, give it a whirl. (then drop a post and tell me if it woked for you)