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Thread: Laptop restarting after BIOS screen

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    Lightbulb Laptop restarting after BIOS screen

    I am sorry if I posted in the wrong section but, I didnt know where should I post my big problem.

    First thing is, I have a Gericom laptop, few years old, with no warranty.
    Switching from Win 7 after the free trial passed, I switched back to Windows XP. After few weeks, I noticed that its not booting as usual, when I turn it on, the Gericom image and bios option shows up, then down is a bar that is loading, as it finished loading, it just restarts.

    Basicly I have to wait for some time before I can proceed, and I know that is effecting the lifespan of the laptop.

    What Ive done:
    Ive suspected bad disk, not inserted properly, so I got him out and in again.
    I recently bought new ram, so I tryed switching to the other ram slot. that didnt help. So ive tryed putting the old ram inside and switching the slots. Temperatures should not be an issue, I have home made cooling pad, with 13cm at 5V on connected on laptops USB. CPU doesnt get higher than 70°C at the most, disk does not get over 60°C at the most. Ive tested RAM with ramtest, no errors. Ive even called pc service, but they said they dont know what else to do, what I havent. So, Ive reinstalled OS, but with little luck, since when It had formated it didnt go anywhere, today I did that again, now with a little luck, since I hit it a little. Now atm its working, since Ive let is restart itself for about 10min, I know that effect disk since it starts ever 20sec. I am atm running advenced disk check program from Western Digital official site, for now, no problems, the quick test didnt solve anything and it said the disk is OK.
    Ive downloaded the drivers from Gericoms official site.
    It maybe not important, but I have on mobile phone 1Gb transfer date for free so Ive installed PC Suite on 5800XM, and I know for sure when I had Win7 it worked for sure, but now, it does not found any "modem", I am taking that that Win XP SP3 does not support it, I even downloaded some kind of "cable driver" from Nokia official site, that also didnt work so;

    What should I do?

    I could switch to Win7 but it does not support NHC (Notebook Hardware Control). Thats the main reason why I switched and because it works a little bit faster.

    I am really desperate and dont know to who should I turn on, cause our "experts" does not know the solution.

    If anyone need I can post the laptops specs.


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    did you try reinstalling the OS? Sounds like a driver problem or something along those lines. Maybe corrupt OS install...

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    That was my first guess to, but even if that is the problem, there is not older/newer drivers, Ill try Win7 again because there there was no driver needed.

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    Try booting a linux live CD, if it boots then it will confirm either a HDD error (Which can be tested from live CD) or a corrupt OS

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    The problem is EVEN if I want to format laptop and install a fresh install of OS, I have to wait ~5-10min so that it is restarting and then finaly it boots up, so thats what Ive did yesterday, I installed Win7, and I have to say, the problem isnt there anymore, but I prefered Win XP because I could lower clocks of CPU and GPU with NHC, and it is loading a lil faster. There might be a strange thing, do anyone thinks it could be because I used Windows XP "Performance edition" which means its stripped down. Almost pure OS. If this wont work, Ill try an ordinary Win XP thats ~700Mb big, not this that is ~250Mb.

    Thank you two for your help and advice!

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