how to fit some serious radiator area without ruining the sleek Look of the case "nevermind the blue-leds! " im lazy

´PLease check out the gallery and comment !

what you'll see:
Lian li a-77
i7 965 / HK 3.0
dfi jr mobo /innovatek NB thing
6gb ocz ddr3

GFX: XFX 5870 / ek fc5870
Intel ssd G2
corsair hx750

aquacomputer pump whaterver long name it has
dangerden 3/8 uv white hose
Yate loon slow 140 and 120mm plus a 120 noctua

what you wont see: is the t-balancer that s up when the temp-sensors are getting higher values than 32 deg celcius, full on/full off is not OK.
and ofc you dont reccon my friend and tell him i was to lazy to not add his pic.

Tip 1, don't drill the holes beside your bed or on top of a rug, it'll be very uncomfortable with all the aluminium spray all over

Tip 2, don't install your waterblock without the oring that "certanly" falls away from one of your spacers when your not looking!

Tip 3, ask lianli to prolong the mounting lanes so we can mount our radiators infront of the drivebays and fans! without the "just get it done" drilling that i used

happy hunting guys!