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Thread: Acer Aspire One USB/BIOS Issue

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    Exclamation Acer Aspire One USB/BIOS Issue

    The Acer One has a built in BIOS flash routine which should restore the BIOS. The problem with my AOA110 is that it will not flash, period. My disembodied USB key with the BIOS files on board will not even get warm in the port; which is my clue to whether or not it has current.

    Have tried flashing/resetting/resurrecting with:

    5 different thumb drives, all formatted in FAT, with less than 2GB, using Acer's default procedure, and numerous variations of the procedure found on Youtube and Google.

    Various components of the system removed, including Wi-Fi card, RAM, touchpad, and even the screen, letting the motherboard be attached to a different monitor.

    Letting the machine run aimlessly for hours on end with the thumb drive sticking in the side and the power button repeatedly flashing.

    Removing the CMOS battery for ten minutes, removing the main battery, and then putting everything back together.

    Has anyone got any suggestions or is this thing totally bricked?

    Would love some life back into my net*hack*cough*top.

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    I'm afraid you have tried everything -- and even more -- than I would say...
    The USB slots work under windows, just not under BIOS? Is there any option
    in bios regarding USB?
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