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Thread: Xtreme News Rules - Must Read!

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    Xtreme News Rules - Must Read!

    To keep this Xtreme News forum clean, please do not post the following...

    • reviews (Reviews at product launch should be okay for the time being. Otherwise, use the appropriate forum.)
    • driver/software download links (Use the Software section.)
    • non-tech news (All non-tech news should go to the Wampeteers, Foma, & Granfaloons forum.)
    • tech news without sources (Tech news without sources may be removed. However, if it is worthy news, you may use this forum or use the Tech Talk section.) the Xtreme News forum. All other than above, please use the appropriate forum.

    Thank you for your cooperation.

    *EDITed by IFMU*

    When posting a story from another site please post more than just the news story title and link to the story. Quote at least the first paragraph or two from the news story.
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