Hello everyone,

This is my first post on Xtreme and its a tough one. At least for me.

Below is what I sent to Gyga-byte (slightly revised). Please take a look and let me know if you have a clue to my problem.

"I built my system on Saturday. Did MS updates till 3am and then did EQ Updates till 8am. System worked great till 2pm on Sunday. I have a dual power MB and my problem is that the ATX 12V Power Cell does not boot up each time. When I first put it together it was fine. I then shut it down at 2pm on Sunday to add a new mouse and new speaker system. I booted the system and had no power to my Video card secondary power line, no power to my hard drive, floppy drive, or CDRom. Now since this is my first time with dual power I had to figure out what happened and finally troubleshot to the ATX12V. Once that was figured out I ran with single power (ATX12V unplugged but DUAL card still in MB) and the system worked fine. 6 hours later I shutdown and plugged the AT12v back in to see if the trouble had cleared. And sure enough all booted fine. Now this morning I booted up and had no problems. One hour later I shutdown to just put my panel on the side of the case. When I booted back up, no secondary power. What's the problem? Little more info: System does not seem to be running HOT. CPU at 49C max and Memory 28C to 30 C. I have PSupply fan CPU fan DUALPower Fan Chipset Fan and a 120mm case fan running full speed. Please contact me as soon as possible. Thank you"

Well I sent this to them on Monday and have called and left messages with no reply . Should I RMA the cell or RMA the whole MB package or does one of you bright people out there have an idea what may be the issue?

I appreciate the help.

Have a good day