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Thread: A good 500watt PSU Modular.

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    A good 500watt PSU Modular.

    I need a new psu for my core i7 build. What psu would be recommended so that I can use with a UPS unit (if I chose to do so). I would like for it to be modular so that I do not have cables all over the place.

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    HX-620 is probably the gold-standard mid-wattage modular unit. I'm not sure what you mean by able to be used with a UPS - any PSU that takes a standard kettle-plug connection and ends in a standard fitting will be usable with a UPS, you don't need to look for special compatibility or anything.
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    I thought that you needed a special psu so that you can use it with a UPS unit. I have decided to go with the HX620. Thank you again for the assistance. I learned something new today.

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    im glad someone helped you out buddy.

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