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Thread: BIIIG Win 7 x64 rtm Fail help.

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    BIIIG Win 7 x64 rtm Fail help.

    Well if i open any, ANY exe program,,, after i close it down etc so its not running anymore (even checked task manager etc) it will
    NOT let me delete until I restart (says it's in use even when it's not..)
    Its REALLY such a pain as I like to leave my comp in sleep mode now not completley turn it off.. and its such a pain to having to restart everytime as It just waste's time and is a neuicance...

    any idea what IT could be? Thanks.
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    first thing i would do is grab process explorer that should tell you if anyhting has a lock on the file
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    i dont understand what you are trying to do.

    by your own words you close a program, try to reopen it, then try and delete it ?????
    and what are you tryin to delete??? do you mean uninstall?.
    and if you are trying to uninstall the ap, then why are you trying to reopen it.

    try re-explaining yourself in a more,,,, "plain english" way. ie; give us an example of whats happening.
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