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Thread: The Athlon II range in detail [Q4 '09,45W-95W]

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    The Athlon II range in detail [Q4 '09,45W-95W]


    The names and specs of the 2, 3 and 4 core Athlon II range have been unveiled by chance by MSI. We learn that this processor range, expected for Q4 of 2009, will be made up of no less than ten models and that the Athlon X3s will have just 1.5 MB of L2 cache while the X2s and X4s will have 2 MB.

    Looks like AMD is preparing the X3 range to go against the i3,given that 50% more cores should be enough to offset the SMT in the i3s. Good thing about these models is that they are very small and cost effective dice and that we will probably see the return of the unlocking game with the X3s since these are based on the Propus die. The 45 W X2,X3 and X4 models look like a perfect candidates for notebook CPUs and with a bit of more binning we may see them in the sub-45W range. The only thing that may be a (big) plus when it comes to the i3 series is the Turbo mode functionality.

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    nice chips and im waiting too for x4 820...
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    I have been thinking about x3 vs i3 for a while now.... Taking e8400 vs x3 720, e8400 comes on top most of the times in synthetic benchs... and x3 720 beats the e8400 in most real apps.

    But if you compare x2 550 and x2 250, x2 550 take a long lead in most applications. So this means L3 is very important, since these do not have L3 i have no idea how they will compete with a i3 which has 4mb L3 along with SMT and 3+ Ghz turbo mode ??

    EDIT :- Just realized maybe just maybe x4 may fight the i5's "Clarkdale". This x4 is cheaper to make and also may consume quite a bit less power than a say a 9950. If that is how it happens AMD will have something or another to fight intel in mainstream.
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    If only a 45W Black Edition would show up. The HTPC crowd would simultaneously joygasm.
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    These Athlons X4 are perfect cheap crunchers/renderers. Performance hit for not having L3 cache in these types of workloads is very small. Also HTPC crowd should be happy with them
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    Aren't those higher end x4's supposed to be under 65W TDP.
    Guess they will bring that 630 under 65w TDP as yields improve and TDP's given here won't stay for longer.
    The only reason i thought these were interesting are because of a non e (or S) quadcore under 65W TDP.
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