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Thread: Blackops + 4 x 2gb ocz xmp edt 1600 no way

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    Blackops + 4 x 2gb ocz xmp edt 1600 no way

    This is my first thread, i would like to sorry for my bad english, i try to explain my problem.....

    here my config:

    blackops with G30 / qx9770 / 2x4870x2 / 4gb ocz xmp 1600 (2x2gb) on white slot
    Voltage all default, only NB at 1.46

    When i add the new ddr3 on blue slot, all seems ok but i can't go inside bios and the mobo stop to load. memory is recognized, because i can see 8096 ram

    I removed the new stick, and i see inside bios the NB wasn't to 1.46 but 1.25.... maybe the new hardware reset the default value??

    hope you can understand and help me.

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    I own Bloodrage, maybe BlackOps owner can tell you if XMP enable is in BIOS. If enabled, it will set Timings, Voltage, etc. automatically, sometimes you have to modify some settings.
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    Hi tatone_996
    I am not sure if the Blackops has the same limitations as the "generic" X48 chipset, but if it does you will not be able to run 8GB @ 1600Mhz, instead you will need to back down to something like 1333Mhz, perhaps you might want to set the RAM speed to 1333Mhz before putting the extra stick of RAM in?
    Have you tested both pairs separately?
    FYI 8GB should read as 8192MB reading as 8096 may suggest the RAM is defective?
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    hmmm sounds like the settings your using dont work with 4 sticks, so it defaults to bios defaults and then posts and shows you 8gb, and then still fails to boot cause even with system defaults its not stable...

    do 2 of those sticks alone work in the white slots without any adjustments?
    what speed are you running it at? 1600?
    thats asking quite a lot, im not sure if 8gb@1600 is possible...

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